boombox, baby

Each of the past three bootcamp sessions began with a Daily UI challenge. A login form, a landing page, and today, app icon. After ten minutes, I had a boombox against a gradient background. To be honest, my first idea was a pair of Sour Patch Kids fighting, an icon for a candy themed mortal kombat app. It wasn't promising.[caption id="attachment_227" align="alignnone" width="158"]

80's only

Note the size (it's too small dude).[/caption]The boombox is something I have sketched for a while. It grew out of a handsign - which as I understand to be kind of graffiti, a nugget that can be scratched or paint-penned or Sharpied in a flash - that a pot dealer in college encouraged me to create, a way to sign my name around the rough and tumble streets of Portland, Oregon.In retrospect, thinking about a handsign in a more critical way with design in mind, I am happy to have built a hybrid text/image representation of myself. A name. My streetname.


It's pronounced exactly as you might think: Mot. Like Moat without the 'a'. Or Tom backwards. Whatever's easiest for you.

Not quite typography, but certainly textual. Curious.

And do you notice the accompanying GPS point? That boombox? It's not just a retro-informed sketch, it's a flag of declaration. 818. A Los Angeles area code Sharpied onto the side of a bar bathroom stall in North Portland.After ten minutes I came up with a slim justification of my boombox icon: "80's only". An app / forum / community that is dedicated entirely to the memorabilia and nostalgia of the 1980's. Is it a great idea? Nope. But dang, this speaker is pretty rad.

boombox w. antenna

-Today I Learned-

I built this Sketch. The icon's original size was around 150 x 150 pixels. I wanted to share it on Instagram - it reminds me of my brother's endless love for the summer - pool parties, decent speakers, and a great playlist. I exported the slice as a png and airdropped it to my iPhone, only to find it blurry.I haven't quite wrapped my head around resolution and file adjustment, but a friend informed me that the Instagram picture size was 1080 x 1080. I resized, exported, and voila! The point is, I've been intimidated by these technicalities, often unwilling to ford their learning curve unless they present an impasse. And while that is precisely what I did in this instance, the habit was brought to my attention. So here's to knowing how to solve some problems before you encounter them, and the diligence required to get there.Next up, how to get Gus and this speaker to share the header space. Wish me luck.

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November 13, 2021