design inspiration mashup no.3

It's been a damn busy spring. Work and school and waves and JavaScript. Here are some of the coolest things I've read.

1. Wired Magazine on the Early Days at Facebook

I can't say I am particularly interested in the story of the social network that changed our lives. Give a bunch of vanilla Harvard students a house in the equally upscale and white suburb of Palo Alto for a summer and no doubt they're going to act like the college students that they are, regardless of how great of an idea they have. Drinking at 9 a.m. in the office, taking bong-rips in the conference room, none of that is surprising

ceo zuck

But this article is really about the evolution of a product. And big design decisions for a small, young team as their user-base grows. It is about the UX of a product in evolution. From this perspective, "Sex, Beer, and Coding" is an awesome read.

Sex, Beer, and Coding: Inside Facebook's Wild Early Days

2. The UX of Motion

As I continue to develop my front-end skills, I am increasingly aware of the complexity of interactions and animations. This Medium article is an awesome resource, as is the author's site, UXinMotion.net .

Creating Usability With Motion

3. The OP-1


I've been playing music my whole life. Mostly guitar these days, and acoustic at that. I don't bother with plugging in for an electric sound. And I certainly don't have any need for a synthesizer. But the looks on that OP-1, I can't stare at it enough.Moreover, the makers of the OP-1, Teenage Engineering, have a pretty dope website.


That's all for now. Be inspired. Keep designing. I'll be back shortly. If you have any questions, forward them to Gus.https://medium.com/ux-in-motion/creating-usability-with-motion-the-ux-in-motion-manifesto-a87a4584ddchttps://medium.com/ux-in-motion/creating-usability-with-motion-the-ux-in-motion-manifesto-a87a4584ddc

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