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explosive dehiscence

If blogging were horse breaking, than this stallion has leapt the corral and disappeared in an expanse of fenceless wilderness (I'm thinking Wyoming, not the imitation ranches of the Santa Monica Mountains). That is to say, I've not kept up with my intention for RobotSoda over the past month. A phase thrums in my head: I've failed. But I'm keeping my distance from the F-word. How swiftly it emerges when the inceptive, catalytic burst of an endeavor abates. When the timeline to success exceeds the eye's wherewithal, well yes, the F-word rears its head.But declaring failure is an escape. A shameful one, maybe, until the world-as-it-was reigns again and the goal-given-up-on is buried by the rote of everyday life.

The past, intolerable as it might have been, appeals to impatience.

I want the skills now. I want to know now. I want to be a designer now.I am writing this post to remind myself that in December I was overwhelmed by excitement, curiosity, and an inability to navigate the myriad tools and learning opportunities on this UX/UI design path.Why do I expect that now, merely in February, I would be any closer to the edge of the marsh I reveled in just a month and a half ago?

Admission: I'm a millennial through and through. I've come to recognize my own tendency for short-term-discouragement. I've battled it through the writing of a novel and I face it here, in learning to be a designer, an open-ended life vision.The certificate course finally begins in three days. I've been waiting dig my teeth into this UX/UI sandwich since the day after Thanksgiving.

Inhale patience, to exhale unrealistic expectations.

To write posts about the design books I've read.Not to be discouraged that Illustrator, Sketch, InVision, Photoshop, HTML and CSS, and so many other tools, skills, buzzwords, tactics, and kick-ass sounding design essentials are still as foreign to me as moon rocks.I tell myself to open the corral, whistle a welcoming tune, and allow the stallion of concentration to come home.

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November 13, 2021