melody no.4

It feels so good to be posting another melody! This one is more refined than the other ideas I've shared.

I wrote the chord progression and melody a few weeks ago, but I wanted to develop it a bit more before putting it out into the world. I know this is contrary to the goal of using this blog to let go of some of my perfectionist tendencies, but I couldn't resist. So I wrote a bridge, came up with a keyboard part, and took a shot at making a GarageBand drummer swing.

Two other exciting facts about this tune,

  1. It's my first recording of a mic'd amplifier instead of plugging my guitar directly into an audio interface.
  2. The amp is a new-to-me 1976 Vibro-Champ that I found on FB marketplace. We're in love now.

Enjoy the listen and share your feedback, recording tips, and any other thoughts with me on Twitter!

✌️Last updated 
February 23, 2022