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start again

Welcome to The Tom Blog! This is the new home of what was formerly known as RobotSodaDesign, a blog I started when I was studying design at UCLA back in 2018.

I'm writing this retrospectively, as The Tom Blog has been live for about three months. I felt compelled to make an inaugural post, but my draft for what should've been a simple "welcome to my slice of the internet" grew tentacles of stories with such potential that I wanted to tell them with due justice. So here's a quickie to honor the intention of this blog as a pursuit of creative continuity and to push myself to live in a world of imperfect, semi-polished ideas.

"Start again" is the phrase that stuck with me after four days of Noble Silence in a Vipassanna Meditation Center in Lumbini, Nepal, when I visited that beautiful country in 2016.

The meditation course was ten days total, but I had a novel on my mind at the time and was not so inclined to let those thoughts pass. In that moment, those thoughts seemed incredibly valuable. My monkey mind swung from branch to branch and I didn't see the value in hindering its play.

I'll share more about that trip and my half-assed pursuit of enlightenment another time. For now, welcome to The Tom Blog. It's time to start again.

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January 6, 2022