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the marsh of early curiosity

I am waterlogged. Flooded. Overwhelmed. Beginnings are challenging. Be it the writing of a novel, the composition of a song, the early stages of a design project, or, as is my case, the first steps toward a well-articulated, visualized goal.Around the first week of December I committed to studying interaction design. I'm not a graphic artist, I do not code, and I don't hold a degree in cognitive science. My research has unveiled three key areas for an interaction designer to verse himself in:

  • User psychology
  • Graphic Design
  • Relevant programming languages (HTML, CSS, Javascript, et. al.)

I've read some articles and cracked a few books on user research and the psychological foundations of user-oriented design. Without a conversation or an applicable project these ideas remain eerily theoretical and un-actionable.

Jeniffer Tidwell's Designing Interfaces first chapter on basic user research principles has been the most illuminating of all the resources I've examined.

I've completed a few tutorials in Sketch and discovered a personal yearning for becoming fluent in the software and the principles of graphic design. It also appears that most successful interaction designers have a hefty visual or graphic design background. This makes me wary of my career choice (I've been obsessed with words, not images, for the better part of my life) but nevertheless, I am hungry to learn more.

Splash page for an app for surfers to share media of excellent waves using iPhone 8 templates in Sketch

tubes splash page
Splash page for fictional surf app.

I followed a great tutorial by Cody Brown Design that showed me quickly and easily how to implement the UI template elements in sketch and also covered the basics of an application splash page. I've been working through the HTML and CSS modules on CodeAcademy to familiarize myself with the languages before I am fully immersed come this spring in the third part of the bootcamp I've enrolled in.

I am excited to learn more about all three arenas, find my strengths and weaknesses, and make a decision about my professional focus over the course of the next six months.

The urge to flail around the marsh of curiosity is tempered by a commitment to slowly investigating each of these areas, expose myself to them as much as I can before I dive in to the bootcamp this coming February.

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November 13, 2021